ASEAN Community


The ASEAN Community
ASEAN Community is the integration of ASEAN member countries into a strong community. Can create opportunities and meet challenges. The political, economic, security and new threats. Community members have good living conditions. Economic activity is more convenient and community members feel the same.

The main purpose of ASEAN     
Bangkok Declaration The seven major objectives of the establishment of ASEAN include:
1. Promote mutual cooperation and assistance in the economy, society, culture, technology, science and administration.
2. Promote regional peace and security.
3. Enhance economic prosperity, cultural development in the region.
4. Encourage people in ASEAN to have a good life and quality of life.
5. Provide support to each other. In the form of training and research. And promote Southeast Asian studies.
6. Enhance the efficiency of agriculture and industry. Trade expansion As well as improving transport and communications.
7. Enhance ASEAN cooperation with outside countries, other regional cooperation organizations. And international organizations