SMU is first IHL to launch AI-Chatbot to better serve its students

2018 March 14

Featured photo: From L-R: Lau Kai Cheong (SMU Chief Information Officer), Prof Lily Kong (SMU Provost), Greg Krygsman (Head, Student Services Hub) & Prof Paulin Straughan (Dean of Students) launching the SMU Student Services Hub on 27 February 2018.

Singapore, 27 February 2018 (Tuesday) – The Singapore Management University (SMU) has officially launched its Student Services Hub on 27 February 2018 to better serve the needs of its approximately 10,000 undergraduates and postgraduates.

The Student Services Hub is a convenient one-stop centre that amalgamates student services, from handling student payments, insurance, locker rentals and the like, to addressing student queries on myriad aspects of student life.  Unlike other student centres, SMU’s Student Services Hub has a distinguishing feature - the use of an AI-Chatbot, to address, on a 24/7 basis, more than 1000 frequently asked questions across student areas like academic, admissions, student life, internships, exchanges and career tips.  This use of AI to serve students needs is a first in institutions of higher learning in Singapore.  Annex A contains details on the services offered by Student Services Hub, while Annex B contains details on the Chatbot.

A second distinguishing feature of Student Services Hub is the use of Peer Advisors. Patterned after SMU’s highly successful peer helpers programme where students support other students at risk and the career champions initiative where senior students lend guidance on resume writing and interview tips, the Student Services Hub will be distinguished by its team of student Peer Advisors. Peer Advisors will offer a first level of in-person advice and guidance and be role models of service excellence. They will share their experiences and direct students to the best information source for student enquiries. Our Peer Advisors have gone through both customer service training by professional trainers in the hospitality industry, and product knowledge training by our Student Services Hub team. Annex C contains details on the Peer Advisors Programme.

More photos can be found on SMU's Facebook.
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