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Wellbeing of Singapore’s youths

Country : Singapore
Department : Singapore Management University
Project Title : Wellbeing of Singapore’s youths
Researcher : HO, Kong Weng
Keyword : Well-being , youth , Singapore , Asian Studies , Behavioral Economics , Family, Life Course, and Society
Publisher : Institutional Knowledge at Singapore Management University
Year End : 2015
Identifier : ,
Source : Research Collection School Of Economics
Abstract / Description :

Given Singapore’s focus on human capital investment in its residents, the nation’s youths have experienced increases in their financial, educational, and physical wellbeing. However, how have our youths fared in their emotional and mental wellbeing? Figures from the World Values Survey show reported a gradual decline in life satisfaction for both general population and youths. Data from four waves of the National Youth Survey confirms this trend. This chapter explores and examines the non-economic channels that may have countered the positive influence of economic success on the wellbeing of youths, namely, changing family structure, heightened stressors, shifting life goals, time use, national pride, and perceived opportunities to fulfil aspirations.


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